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No more fluffy language: Government action needed now to tackle evil of Radical Islam

It has been heartbreaking this week observing scenes on television and in print of parents and children learning that their loved ones were casualties of the Manchester Arena Bombing. This barbaric act was the latest in a series of serious terror attacks across major European Cities in recent times.

Yet as the death-toll and injury list mounts and we see names and images of people who won’t return to their loved ones on our screen;  so many within not just the political and media establishment, but within our society more widely are either wilfully ignoring the blatantly obvious or remain in total denial.

This wasn’t a ‘lone-wolf,’ this wasn’t a random ‘act of violence’ or a lone mentally-ill individual. No, this was another radical Islamic terrorist like the others who carried out this attack ‘for Islam.’ This Jihadist was radicalised here, on the streets of the United Kingdom. He, like so many others has been radicalised within his community.  A friend of the killer’s family told the Times yesterday that he was “radicalised in a Mosque in South Manchester.” Why are Mosques in Manchester allowed to radicalise terrorists?  This is happening  within the Muslim community across the United Kingdom. It is not racist to point out  these base facts.

Just yesterday, a member of the congregation of the very Mosque attended by the Manchester bomber claimed that this act was a ‘reaction’ to a ‘war on Islam.’  No. This attack, like all of those that have gone before carried out by Jihadists was a warped and cowardly act of evil.
On the Home Secretary’s watch,  a man known to her department and known to have Jihadist ties was able to travel freely to & from Libya, then return to the UK and murder 22 innocents on British soil. The Prime Minister is not above questions being asked of her either. The Security forces knew of this individual’s Jihadist links and the ties of those in his family for 5 years (when Mrs. May was the Home Secretary.) How was this allowed to happen?

As a Former SAS serviceman said on TV last night: “They’re actively targeting and killing our children now, this is a fact. We  have to act and do something quickly.”  The Government needs to urgently address all of these issues,  introduce a fresh stance and a raft of policies to root out this evil once and for all. Politically correct, fluffy language and the previous approach have failed dramatically.

The Government needs to immediately deport suspected Radical Islamic Terrorists en masse back to their country of origin. If born in UK, they should be locked up. Additionally, it’s time for the Prime Minister to introduce a UK Travel Ban (at least temporarily) on entry / re-entry from Libya, Syria, Iraq & other IS zones in Middle East.  There should be a permanent halt on taking any refugees from these nations.
In addition to that, the Mosques and Centres across the UK that are suspected of radicalising and promoting Jihad should be monitored 24/7 and ultimately closed.

The “keep carrying on as before” language is now redundant. Carrying on as before brought us to this point. It’s time to change the approach and immediately address the root causes.  These attacks are not normal. Modern day Europe is not normal. Families should be able to attend a pop concert here in the UK without fearing for their life.
Forget the hashtags,  pictures and virtue signalling slogans.  We need to pressurise our Prime Minister and her Government into immediate action aimed at wiping out this evil permanently.