Lords: Respect will of the people and let’s finally begin process to #LEAVEEU #BREXIT

17.4 Million was the biggest mandate in British history.  As the Article 50 Bill now goes through the House of Lords, Peers should respect the result of June 23rd.

There is now  a genuine opportunity to challenge many of the assumptions that have driven British foreign policy in the past.

The UK remains the fifth-largest national economy in the world and we are Europe’s intelligence superpower.  We have the opportunity to be a thriving, confident, independent nation and a global leader in trade.

Our strong economy and the £1 trillion-worth of UK finance supporting European businesses offers a strong negotiating  position. The Government in the months ahead  now has the opportunity to show a boldness in negotiating our future post-Brexit.

When we take back control of our money, laws and land, Britain can again thrive on the world stage.

Leave won the day (thankfully) but whether you supported remain or leave is no longer relevant: The referendum is gone. The Government should (and has indicated so far that it will)  abide by the instruction given by the British people, and that instruction was to fully leave the EU.

The unelected peers in the House of Lords must not seek to delay or obstruct this process.  It is up to them now to uphold the  decision taken by the people and rubber stamped in the House of Commons – that the Government has the authority to trigger article 50 and begin this Brexit process FINALLY!

Peter Hain and his fellow Peers in the House of  Lords must not stand in the way of democracy.

Do us all a favour gents and let the Government get on with the job of actually beginning this process of leaving the European Union.