The Stormont Saga

The Stormont Saga

The current version of Stormont will very likely fall this week with the NI Secretary being forced to implement a budget for Northern Ireland.

The party that brought down the institutions (SF) wishes to hold the country to ransom and use NI as a plaything in their “cultural war.”

They and their former partners in Government don’t want to make the tough decisions required of any party of Government. It seems they want the positions, the trappings of office and the generous remuneration without the responsibility of actual governance.
Our prediction:
Stormont will fall, followed by Westminster passing all those tricky and sensitive bits of legislation the local parties are afraid of touching (for fear of backlash.)
SF can then blame ‘those nasty Brits in Westminster.’ The DUP too will happily play their part in a Westminster setting, saying their bit and propping up the Conservatives (until it’s electorally desirable to ditch them..)
Somewhere down the line (presumably after SF have got the next set of ROI elections out of the way) ‘intensive talks’ will resume and eventually an Assembly election will be followed by another Stormont.
This saga should never be allowed to happen again though. The mandatory legislative devolution model has failed people in Northern Ireland and it should be scrapped.
It’s a warped and convoluted system that was never designed to be a viable and sustainable long-term solution for Government. As is evidenced by the current situation, (and other previous examples) it’s a model whereby one party can ultimately veto the formation of any Government.
If devolved government is to return in the future; it should only do so in a different guise and on a voluntary basis. All future deals and agreements should be put to the people in a referendum.
What other normal democracy would this occur in? I guess we aren’t normal in Northern Ireland..