It’s time that politicians started having the guts to question Islam and Sharia 

This was written as a response on social media to a suggestion that politicians are using the wrong language in challenging “the peaceful Islamic faith.” 

We would contest that politicians in the UK have not done enough to challenge what has been happening here and throughout Europe, especially with respect to Sharia Law and the Muslim Communities lack of a response to i. terror attacks and ii. various cases of sexual and physical violence.  

There are parts of every single religion in the world that would offend many modern sensibilities. However, it could be argued that the difference between most other faiths and the Islamic faith is that in all of those other faiths there has been centuries of theology written that has rendered most of the offending passages inoperable in the minds of most sane thinking people.  Quite bluntly: Most other faiths are more enlightened in this day and age. Islam doesn’t appear to have had its enlightenment yet.

Where are the peaceful Muslims out marching on the streets against the barbaric practices carried out under sharia law, and coming out against the terrorist atrocities committed in the name of their god? Where are those from that community demanding that the law of the land should be respected? We are not suggesting all Muslims are fanatical, that is obviously untrue as (for example) there are well read scholars and academics out there who definitely don’t fall into that bracket.  However, in Europe-wide terms – that is becoming very rare.

If you look at places like Luton as an example in recent years, there are many documented incidents where sexual violence has occurred and where people are attacked physically and verbally for even daring to have a debate on an issue such as this, or daring to question members of  this faith about the many barbaric practices that occur in its name.

We are well aware of the worryingly increasing  levels of sexual assaults too across Europe. This is happening in towns in the United Kingdom.  In Sweden and in Germany, it is not over the top to suggest that there is now a growing crisis in this respect where females are being regularly attacked. Yet you rarely hear or read  of any condemnation of this in mainstream media outlets  from those sensible members of  that community. Politicians rarely breathe a word about this either.

Largely, media reports, and responses tend to be defensive and often involve fudging a half-hearted response when a terror attack occurs and somebody dares to challenge aspects of Islam.

It is a growing fact that groups of Muslim men do shout death to Europe and death to America in their Mosques, and many are shouting Allahu Akbar in the streets of Belgium, France and Germany (which this writer witnessed when in France last Summer. ) This does occur, regularly.

It would be ridiculous to suggest that all of those from that faith are likely to go out and blow up a building… but the fanatics will, and who do you think the fanatics are listening to?  These radical elements plant the seeds in their communities and then (as a glance at youtube will prove) they gloat about victories afterwards.

I am not the biggest defender of any faith, but you will not find many Christian men or women in modern times brutally ploughing down innocents who are enjoying a festival, or a Christmas market in the name of their god. If this did occur, there would be hundreds, thousands, millions of Christians and others worldwide condemning it on the airwaves. What we have witnessed in the UK, and the rest of Europe in modern times is that Islam is not the fluffy religion of peace that the BBC and the mainstream media portray it to be.

The ultimate goal of Islam is the destruction of western values and western civilisation; its in their doctrine. When Mrs. Merkel called for Syrian refugees to come to Europe, they heard her. In many instances, those refugees (from Syria, Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq) in her country have been responsible for horrific acts. There are now no-go zones within some German cities and the law ultimately respected in those areas is not German or European law.

Mass Media and politicians from the left try to disguise the dangers of Islamic scriptures, but it is there. They blatantly want to ignore what is happening. What if these incidents and practices were occurring in their community, to their children? Would they be so quiet?

It’s time that politicians stopped excusing  or ignoring that these atrocities were carried out in the name of a particular doctrine, out of fear of being labelled.

Mature modern political parties and politicians need to have the fortitude  to point these things out, question when things need to be questioned and although it might be uncomfortable for some having these conversations, they do need to occur.

If they don’t, there is a real danger that long-term these barbaric practices will become the daily norm in our culture too..

We are not afraid to say, that potential reality  is deeply worrying.