EU might offer PM UK-wide customs union.. More of what we didn’t vote for


According to RTE – The European Union will offer Theresa May a UK-wide customs union as a way around the Irish backstop issue, but it will have to be negotiated beyond the Withdrawal Agreement as a separate treaty.

The Withdrawal Agreement will contain a specific commitment to a UK-wide customs arrangement by way of a legal article, but that commitment will say that a formal EU-UK customs union will require a separate agreement. However, the EU, and the Irish Government still insist that a Northern Ireland-specific backstop remains in place, even if a separate UK-wide customs arrangement is negotiated.

When are they going to get it into their heads that we don’t want a bleedin’ customs union?  Where is the free and independent trading future we voted for? This isn’t Brexit, this is a betrayal agreement. Walk away with no deal now. It’s the only way to honour what 17.4M of us actually voted for!