Leo’s dig at UK makes him look silly 


The Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar tweeted this out on
Friday night with a cheeky dig at
Brexiting Britain’s supposed future problems. The only problems with his tweet are:
Ireland hasn’t repaid all its debts arising from the credit crisis

Britain lent Ireland £3.2 billion during the credit crunch

Ireland will be paying interest to HM Treasury until the loan matures in March 2021. The latest interest payment for £41,769,173.47 was received last June.

Ireland is the poster boy for recovering from the credit crisis – they actually cut spending double digits during two years of genuine austerity economics – and now growth this year is expected to be 4%. The Taoiseach still seems a little shaky on his number, on the facts and is a tad lacking in humility…

Perhaps Leo should spend more time brushing up on his sums – as opposed to interfering in the internal business of other nations…