‘1922’ Tory Brexiteers back May as Brexit is further betrayed 

Last night, Theresa May addressed the 1922 Committee of Tory MPs. This was their opportunity to either get a cast-iron guarantee she would scrap her Chequers Agreement and deliver a real Brexit, or they could have ousted her. What happened..?
Mrs May “won the room” and secured her position with a “heartfelt” speech to the 1922 committee, one MP said… (Yawn.)Brexiteer MP Michael Fabricant called the gathering a “love-in” for Mrs May.

For all their previous bluster, Tory so-called Brexiteer MPs did nothing to stand up for Brexit. They banged tables and applauded May and her commitment to ensuring her Brexit deal (Brexit in Name Only…)

17.4 MIllion People have been sold out by the establishment and it’s very clear that the Conservative Party cannot be trusted.

Dear Tory voters,
You either voted for imbeciles, two-faced liars, or both. Please don’t vote Conservative again. Vote UKIP.
Yours Sincerely,
All other leave voters.