GAB attacked: Free speech under threat yet again

The attack on a Pittsburgh Synagogue was another horrific attack on innocent people. The Silicon Valley Big Tech Corporations are however not ones to miss a chance to use such things to their advantage. They have rounded on Gab which is a free speech platform launched as a home for those who have given up on facebook and Twitter.

GAB is now the subject of daily sustained attacks by tech giants. In terms of its continued operation perhaps the most serious challenge it is now facing is the fact that its host has pulled out and given them until tomorrow at 9AM to find a solution.

Paypal and Stripe have also now jumped on the bandwagon. Predictably, reading through the mainstream media you would think Gab had sold  Bowers, the accused shooter a gun and pulled the trigger.   This piece from The Atlantic on the ‘Internet Of Hate’ that according to it provides the backdrop for the shooting is pretty typical of  mainstream media fare.

No one doubts the fact that Bowers had a Gab account. However, it was by all accounts one of several social networking sites he had a presence on. So, why is it Gab alone that is being targeted again?

Critics of this recent attack on Gab point to antisemitic posts by the likes of Louis Farrakhan on Twitter, such as the one below in which he compares Jews to termites, as proof of the double-standards at play in yet another anti free-speech witch-hunt: