Hookem launches veterans group in Belfast

Photo – James Pawlowski

Mike Hookem MEP, UKIP’s Deputy Leader was in Belfast yesterday to officially launch the UKIP Veterans Group. He praised the “well-documented” acts of heroic bravery of our veterans which were sadly met with numerous examples of ingratitude on the part of the state.

Our veterans face a lack of resources with helping them to find a job, issues with housing and homelessness, access to healthcare especially in the treatment of PTSD.

It couldn’t be worse, Hookem said, until you realise that some veterans face losing their liberty over historic charges being investigated by the government. This issue boils his blood. What happened in Northern Ireland was “nothing short of a war”, which is a “dirty and brutal business”.

Rather than being thanked for their service, veterans of the conflict often “fear a knock at the door and being scrutinised” over things that happened in what “seems like a lifetime ago”.

The Government’s investigations are an “utter betrayal”.  Although the current situation is a “disgrace” we want to do something about it. Mr Hookem, himself a veteran and long-time campaigner on these issues said launching the veterans group in Belfast fills him with pride.