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The Blackest of Days for Parliamentary Democracy.

Initial comment on:

Draft Agreement on the withdrawal of
the United Kingdom of Great Britain
and Northern Ireland from the
European Union and the European
Atomic Energy Community
14 November 2018


I have been wading slowly through the above 585 page Agreement and, although it has been long expected that our own prime Minister would betray those  who voted to leave the European Union in 2016, the scale of betrayal is beyond prediction.

Our Prime Minister, Theresa May, has miserably failed from Day 1 to understand the EU negotiating tactics.   The EU have been allowed to elevate the false flag of the UK/EU Land Frontier to a major stumbling block to Brexit and cleverly maneuvered the problem from Trivial to Intractable Status.

In this effort the EU have been aided and abetted by probably the most naive Irish Prime Minister in his country’s history.  Prime Minister Varadkar has gleefully thrown his country to the wolves in his pathetic efforts to please his EU Colonial masters.  Along the way he has set back UK/Irish relations by 60 years.   Outside the rarefied confines of Leinster House, where the Irish Parliament meets, Irish men and women are looking with increasing apprehension at the prospects for their country following the now inevitable No-deal Brexit.  Ireland will have lost its special ties with its largest trading partner and its EU Overlords will insist on its setting up harsh border controls on the Land Frontier where traffic once flowed freely between the Northern Ireland part of the UK and th Republic of Ireland.  Varadkar is destroying the economic well being of his country for the sake of EU Brownie Points which will never materialise.

Meanwhile Theresa May has coldly decided to condemn Northern Ireland’s people to many years more of EU enslavement rather than make the effort to stand up to a cynical EU Officialdom determined to see the united Kingdom destroyed for its people’s effrontery in voting to leave its totalitarian grasp.

Both the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland have been betrayed by their respective EU Apparatchik Prime Ministers.  It’s time politicians in both jurisdictions developed backbone and brought these two champions of anti-democratic hubris to account.

Meanwhile, there is only one realistic option for the electorate of the United Kingdom.  Vote for a Party with the people’s real interest at heart.