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May submitting to EU plans to fragment UK.


The above picture, which I am grateful has been shared by UKIP MEP and Deputy Leader, Mike Hookem, gives an ominous picture of the dark place Theresa May’s Brexit Capitulation is taking us.

Here we see an unelected EU Official who obviously thinks it is quite in order to sit in Brussels and move territory and the people who live there from one state to another.  This stinks of the territorial ambitions Adolf Hitler had for Germany in the late 1930s and his disregard for people who stood in his way.

Of course the biggest disgrace of all is that our Prime Minister seems quite prepared to go along with this in order to achieve what she laughingly refers to as a “Brexit deal.”  I imagine that most UK citizens care little for the internal machinations of the Tory Party.  However, we cannot have our nation led to destruction by a Prime Minister who is either increasingly insane or else genuinely wishes to completely thwart the democratically expressed wishes of the people.

There are those who have been saying that the only people who can deliver Brexit are those in the Conservative Party.  This has never been the case but now we can say that the people most likely to destroy Brexit are the Conservative Party.  For years many have looked to Eurosceptics in that party to take centre stage but they have always been crushed by the party machine.  Margaret Thatcher was the most obvious casualty.

I would say this to those in the Tory Parliamentary Party.  If Parliament gives its approval to Theresa May’s agreement with the EU in December our country will be in a very bad place and the Conservative Party will be held responsible.

Finally, a word to the DUP.  I was among a group of UKIP members who protested outside your Annual Conference Centre last Saturday.  If you continue to provide Parliamentary support to this Tory Government at this critical time you will share in the blame for the destruction of the United Kingdom.