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The clamping of Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is at present clamped in a vice between two sinister incompetencies.

Firstly, our Prime Minister’s complete (possibly deliberate) refusal to comprehend that post-Brexit arrangements at the United Kingdom/Republic of Ireland land frontier are a problem exclusively for the European Union and the Republic of Ireland to deal with.

Secondly, our Prime Minister together with the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland and the Leaders of most of the “Northern-Ireland-Only” parties totally fail to grasp that the Power Sharing Devolved Government arrangements, agreed by Referendum in 1998 and subsequently substantially modified on three occasions without a referendum, are completely unworkable and the whole Devolution idea should be abandoned.

The dreary wind swept pillars of Stormont still glower over the landscape..

The border which separates the UK and the then Irish Free State was established 97 years ago.  The narrative popular in the Irish Parliamentary bubble is that the country now known as Northern Ireland destroyed the unity of Ireland by refusing to join the newly independent state.  In reality, of course, it was the Irish Free State which destroyed the natural unity of The British Isles by seceding on spurious nationalistic grounds.

The Government of the modern day Republic of Ireland now has the effrontery to suggest that the United Kingdom must do backward somersaults to mitigate the effects of a border created by the Irish themselves.

It’s ironic that the RoI now finds itself as an unfree vassal of the increasingly imperial EU.  But that is the situation today.  Prime Minister Varadkar and his Deputy, Simon Coveney, now have just 126 days left to negotiate within the EU for a Special Status relieving them of much of EU Single Market and Customs Union rules. We must wish them every success.

What according to our political elites on both sides of the North Channel is the solution to the repeated failure of Power Sharing Devolution for Northern Ireland.  The answer always seems to be “more Power Sharing Devolution.”  Nobody in Northern Ireland really believes that the next cobbled together compromise agreement to restore the Assembly and Executive will produce anything that lasts beyond about 4 years.

We must offer the electorate of Northern Ireland a direct choice between doomed power sharing devolution experiments and total integration of Government between England and Northern Ireland.  There is a glowing clamour among Northern Ireland people who live outside the Westminster/Stormont  bubble to end devolution.  That goes for many in Wales and Scotland as well.   Let the people decide.