Ch4 Boss: Boris (like Putin) a known liar

The madness at the heart of the mainstream media continued this week as the boss of Channel 4 News claimed that Prime Minister, Boris Johnson is a known liar. She went further and compared the Prime Minister to Russian President Vladimir Putin. (Is she, therefore, calling Mr Putin a liar?)

Dorothy Byrne claimed ‘broadcasters should be more willing to call out deliberate untruths by the UK’s politicians.’
Screenshot 2019-08-23 at 14.01.36We’re no Boris fanboy’s here (he must deliver true Brexit on 31st October) and – we agree with Dorothy; politicians should be called out for their mistruths.

They are elected to represent us and should always be held to account for both their decisions and their indecision.

However, Channel 4 News has morphed into a slightly sinister REMAIN propaganda echo chamber during the last two years.

It would be a fair assessment to suggest that the same rules do not often apply to many of those on the ‘Remain’ side. They tend to get an easy ride.

Anyway, perhaps Ms Byrne should focus on the standard, fairness and editorial quality of her own Network’s output… (eh Jon boy?)