The Enemies of the People

The stunning arrogance of our politicians knows no bounds it would seem.

Not content with continually delaying and attempting to sabotage our Exit from the European Union for three and a bit years, Remainers from all sides will today take control of Parliament and seize control of the agenda: Their vote last night was the first step. They want to send the Prime Minister back to Brussels to beg for scraps.

Why? Because these sad referendum losers cannot or are unwilling to grasp the fact that we, the people made our own mind up – we’d had enough of EU interference in our lives, we’d had enough of laws being made by unaccountable, unelected bureaucrats in Brussels.

These Parliamentarians haven’t accepted the reality that we are their masters, they are not ours. They are there to enact our will. We’ve given them a clear instruction to leave and they are meant to get on with it.

Not only is the current Parliamentary game-playing unconstitutional, but it also makes a mockery of this nation on the world stage…again.

It looks like we are on course for another election. But whether an election happens or not, Boris should hold his nerve, leave the EU on October 31st (as he has repeatedly said he will.)  No more delays!

The above is precisely what these ‘treacherous’ MPs will attempt to stop with their actions.

Whatever happens next, we must finally LEAVE the European Union next month.


(When the next election comes, 17.4 Million LEAVERS must do everything in our power to give the betrayal class the P45 they so richly deserve.)