Labour host Sinn Fein MP at hotel IRA bombed


Labour is hosting Sinn Fein MP, Chris Hazzard as a guest at their conference in Brighton.

Hazzard will also be speaking at a fringe event on Tuesday at the Grand Hotel.  This is, of course, the very same hotel the IRA bombed in 1984 when they attempted to assassinate Margaret Thatcher and her Cabinet.

In  2018,  Hazzard caused a media storm locally when he said it wasabsolutely fitting”  that his constituency office and the local Sinn Fein branch were named after IRA Terrorists Peter McNulty  (who died in a premature bomb explosion in 1972 ) – and Paul Magorrian – (who was killed by the British army in 1994.) 

Hazzard is a typical representative of modern-day Sinn Fein: A practitioner of historical revisionism, (leading the charge in pushing for the imprisonment of ageing British Army Veterans) but when challenged repeatedly to condemn a series of IRA murders,  refuses to do so.

Naturally the red carpet would be rolled out for him in Brighton this week. This is the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn.