Soros, Swinson & the STOP Brexit money?

Lib Dem Leader and Referendum Result Denier, Jo Swinson’s Husband (former Lib Dem MP) Duncan Hames works for an organisation called Transparency International. 

TI is an ‘anti-corruption’ charity. This anti-corruption charity has received millions from the EU and various pro-EU groups and institutions over a number of years.


(Unn) An analysis of TI’s accounts revealed that this organisation also receives money from ‘Open Society’ – a group that has bankrolled a number of Remain Events and heavily financed several campaigns to ‘Stop Brexit.’ Open Society is funded and led by Hungarian Billionaire, George Soros.

Three questions the ‘Remainstream’ Media don’t appear to be asking:

1.) Why has Jo Swinson not declared what appears to be a clear personal financial interest (via her husband’s associations and affiliations) in campaigning to ‘Stop Brexit’ and remaining in the EU?

2.) Is it acceptable for a foreign Billionaire who does not live in the UK to continue to interfere in the democratic affairs and internal business of the United Kingdom?

3.) Is Mr Soros or one of his many affiliated organisations bankrolling the Liberal Democrats, their campaign groups,  and/ or their MPs?

One they won’t answer:

4.) Why is it one rule for Pro-Brexit Groups and political parties and an entirely different rule for Pro Remain Groups and Parties in terms of media coverage regarding their funding and organisational structure?